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Postby David Whyld » Thu Nov 16, 2006 1:29 pm

Lawn Of Love by The Santoonie Corporation (TADS)

I generally shy away from the offerings of the Santoonie Corporation for a couple of reasons. One for their constant trolling on RAIF; two because I played one of their previous IFComp entries – “Zero” – and found it to be pretty dire. But I thought in the interests of fairness, I’d give them another go and see if they had improved any.

Had they?

Hell no. “Lawn Of Love” is a poorly written game where little effort has been made to cover anything but the bare basics. Items descriptions frequently are more than a few words long, there are bugs where directional commands will often yield no response at all (not even a YOU CANNOT GO THAT WAY message) and I'm damned if I could find the pants in the first location despite the fact that the GET PANTS command worked fine. If they were in that woefully brief location I don’t know where because I looked everywhere, tried everything and they just weren’t to be found.

The aim of the is… well, I'm not sure really. The game doesn’t really so, but indicates it’s some kind of ‘romance’. It starts with YOU'VE KNOWN US, YOU'VE LOVED US, NOW LET US LOVE YOU. Unfortunately the command PASS THE VOMIT BAG didn’t work. A definite oversight.

Basic commands that the player might type aren't covered. There's a desk in the first location but OPEN DESK doesn’t get you anything more than I DON’T KNOW HOW TO OPEN THE DESK. Location descriptions are painfully brief and no attempt has been made to inject any life into them. Then there are the bugs. While none of them are crippling in their own right, they add up to more than enough to make the game seem not like a finished game at all but instead one that hasn’t gone through even the most basic testing. Doesn’t the Santoonie Corporation have testers? As the game frequently slips between first and second person when referring to the player, I'm guessing not.

“Lawn Of Love” was a slight step up from the previous Santoonie game I played, but it still wasn’t enough to make me think any more highly of them as a whole.

3 out of 10
David Whyld
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