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Adventure strikes when you least expect it

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Postby phkb » Tue Nov 28, 2006 5:32 am

Adventure strikes when you least expect it (Cauthon aka Dylan Clark)

(warning: some spoilers below)

I'm not sure what to make of this game. If I had to pick a category out of the air, it would have to be "Demo Game". It is by no means polished or coherent. There is no "story" to speak of, unless falling out of your apartment and escaping from another one counts as story. And so many story points are unexplained. Why is the apartment you fall into so moldy, cold and dark? Who owned this place, and why did they let it fall into such disrepair? Why is there a crate in the middle of the living room? So many questions begging for an answer, that I can only assume the author was just playing around with Adrift to see what they could do. A learning exercise.

Viewed in this light, the game is not bad. Not good, but certainly not bad. There's some poor grammar in places, a lot of things that aren't described (like the hole in the ceiling you must have fallen through), some bizarre red herrings (a wolf puppet? what the...), and some bad GTV (why on earth would I ever think of varnishing the cheese?). But the game can be completed, at least.

The descriptions are short but mostly reasonable. I just wasn't sure what angle the author was taking. Such a dark, dank apartment seems to say "Horror is just a step away", but apart from the mold, there is nothing scary here at all. Your leg keeps hurting, which kind of adds a bit of tension, but to no end. You don't die if you take too long. You don't have to try and fix yourself, and you don't get restricted movement. In the end you just end up ignoring the message.

The end game doesn't give any satisfaction to any of these issues. Nothing is answered. You're just whipped away to hospital and that's that.

As for suggestions: Firstly, the author could add descriptions for the items that are described in the room description but are not implemented (try looking at anything in the bathroom other than the window). Secondly, the background of the apartment needs to be explored. Why is it abandoned? Did someone die here? Where did the crate come from? These story points would really add to the game and make a resolution more satisfying. The GTV issues could be addressed in some ways by making the puzzles more logical, or cluing things up better. Why should I want to varnish the cheese? Why can't I just throw the can of varnish through the window?

With a bit of work on the story, this game has some potential for being interesting. At present, it just comes across as being a test of the Adrift system by a new author.

2 out of 10

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Postby David Whyld » Tue Nov 28, 2006 9:20 am

I seem to remember trying this one but didn't like the intro much and as the entire game was only something like 4 KB in size (smaller than some of the recent mini-comp entries!), I decided not to bother with it any further. It looked more like a test game someone had written than a proper game.

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