nesting rooms

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nesting rooms

Post by shadenphoenix »

since technology hates me, i cant seem to search for 'how to nest rooms' on here or anywhere successfully. it used to be simple, now i get everything BUT what i search for. so now im asking. i havent played with ADRIFT or TADS in over a decade, but loved it when i did. so now im trying to get back into it.

how the hell do you nest rooms? i want to make it where my main room is like an observation room looking down on a table of miniature rooms, and can see everything in the room like you were there, but you can check all rooms at the same time. kind of a 'gods eye view' thing. but i cant figure out how to find ANY settings on nesting or documentation on it.


also, when scrolling through endless non-related search results, somebody had a 'comp' where they said 'no more than 10 rooms, but as many nested rooms as you want, like under the table or behind the couch' kind of nested rooms. so HOW do i do that?

thanks... and sorry for the frustration. disabled people are a barrel of fun sometimes... :nerves:
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Re: nesting rooms

Post by Lazzah »

I have never, in the 10 years of using ADRIFT, heard of any technique called "nesting rooms", although other Drifters may have done. Don't forget that "rooms" in ADRIFT are referred to as "locations", so maybe you should be searching for "nesting locations"? Even so, I have never heard of that either.

OK, so what you want is one location where you can look down and see what is going on in others? Do you mean just the activity in those rooms and/or the characters and objects in them? I think it is possible, but it all depends on what is actually going on in the locations you are observing, it could get very complicated.

I think we need a bit more information from you as to what you intend to be happening in those rooms so we help.
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Re: nesting rooms

Post by The0didactus »

It's pretty easy, here's how: When you make a room, you can connect it to other room via the DIRECTIONS tab, right?

Note that one of the directions is IN/OUT, it's an arbitrary direction like NORTH/SOUTH/EAST/WEST and so on.

Using the IN/OUT direction, you can, for example, create a room called THE GARAGE, which has a car inside of it, you can go IN to the car (it's own room) and you could even put a cardboard box in the car, and have the player go IN to the cardboard box. (creating a room inside a room inside a room)

As a matter of aesthetics: this sort of decision can really piss players off if done poorly, because it's easy to forget what level of recursion you're at, but it's good for a gag or a cool mechanic (I've seen at least one game do something clever with a car).
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Re: nesting rooms

Post by Lumin »

If you're supposed to be able to see all the rooms and their objects at once, have you considered just faking it?

The text can say anything, it can list all the rooms and anything important in them every time you look at the observation window. Or however you want them to display.

Since the player object is technically in the same location while the player *character* is supposed to be in a different room, you'll probably want to set up restrictions to keep them from picking up any of the objects they see, assuming they're not just set to scenery. Custom messages of some kind will probably be necessary anyway.
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