Adrift built-in hint system?

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Adrift built-in hint system?

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With all the talk about walkthroughs in another thread, I wonder if anyone has tried out the Adrift built-in hint system? And if they have, what is the verdict?
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David Whyld
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Re: Adrift built-in hint system?

Post by David Whyld »

I used the one in v4 once but I didn't like it much and never touched it again. The one in v5 I've never used at all. If I want to include hints, I make my own up
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Re: Adrift built-in hint system?

Post by Denk »

According to ADRIFT help: "Although you can create hints in Developer, they have not yet been implemented in Runner."

Just to be sure, I tested it. The hints are completely ignored so the above sentence is still valid.

In any case, I don't think the planned hint system is worth much. It can very easily be simulated with a general task with one alternative description. The alternative description should be set to "only display once" and should display the subtle hint, whereas the default message should display the obvious hint.

As David, I prefer to make my own, which may depend very much on the game. What could be useful though, was an easy way to create menus within menus in ADRIFT, similar to Inform games. The menus should pause everything (events, number of turns etc.) and could be used for many things, including hints. But I don't see that happening. It is possible already, but quite cumbersome.
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