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Re: Play Online Error

Post by Lumin »

Can someone upload a new game and then try plugging it into ?

Maz still has to prettify it a little and will be listing some different games, but it should be functional.
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Re: Play Online Error

Post by Denk »

I just tried uploading my comp game and pointing at it. It worked: ... ion).blorb

However, there are two problems I noticed:

1. "Restart" doesn't work
2. The browser remembers when you left the game last time unless you shut down the browser, which is not good as the player might have other important panes open.

The combination of this isn't so good, as the player will have to shut down the browser to restart. It also helps starting another game - then it seems that it forgets where you were and will start from the beginning again. EDIT: Clearing browser data also helps.

Still, well done to Maz for getting this to work.
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Re: Play Online Error

Post by DazaKiwi »

Can those two problems be solved I wonder?
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