Virus problem still around

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Virus problem still around

Post by CaptainHomer »

Got a message from I tried to download the latest version.

Said it was Backdoor:Linux/Gafgyt.A!MTB
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Re: Virus problem still around

Post by Denk »

Hi CaptainHomer,

This is a "false positive" which unfortunately is normal. When this happens, the antivirus-software always claims it knows the name of the virus but there is no virus.

It is recommended to exclude ADRIFT folders and/or files from being processed. If you are using Windows 10 and the built-in security, Lazzah gave good instructions here:

I know you can also do something similar in BitDefender and many other Antivirus-programs.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Virus problem still around

Post by DazaKiwi »

Why do these anti-virus programs claim to know what virus it is, when there is none? If it has never seen the file before and it doesn't exactly match known virus code. Why can't they just say, "No known virus match. Unknown file." It doesn't really give you confidence anti-viruses actually work very well if they scan an unknown exe file and then spit out a random virus name to associate with it.
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Re: Virus problem still around

Post by R2T1 »

Its all to do with their hueristic algorithms that they use which try to predict viral patterns based on what is previously known. Unfortunately just like trying to pick the winning numbers in a lottery, it fails more often than not. However, given the way people have become conditioned to relying on anti-virus/malware programs, said people are wanting to believe its true.

It all comes down to trust. Am I willing to trust that this is OK because others say it is, or do I trust a piece of software that doesn't use the file let alone know anything about it.

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