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.dict Dictionary

Post by Microfrog »

I have two questions regarding the .dict file settings in Settings.

1. Where would I get a main dictionary at? I've tried Googling for information and can't find any anywhere.
2. What is the user dictionary and how do I get one? I'm assuming a user dictionary is where I can put my own words that wouldn't be found in a normal dictionary, but how would I get one or make one?
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Re: .dict Dictionary

Post by Dannymac »

This is a fairly standard problem new 'drifters have. You're not looking for an existing file, you need to create a new one.

Go to the Settings menu. You'll see a file location in red, because it is in an unwriteable position. Click on the browse button and go to any folder you have writing permissions for, like your docs folder. Create a new .txt file and select it. ADRIFT will start writing your new dictionary there, and no more of those annoying pop-ups.
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Re: .dict Dictionary

Post by Lazzah »

FYI, this is a bug (http://www.adrift.co/bug/18422) which has been fixed for the next version of ADRIFT.
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