Multi-choice Travel System Demo

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Multi-choice Travel System Demo

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I created a basic multi-choice travel system that i thought others might be interested in using for their games too where there might be far off locations that the player can travel to.

The player types 'Travel' and a list of all locations they can travel to will be outputted along with a dynamic index number. The more locations you add to the group 'Known Places' it will add to the output list with a number which the player chooses by entering the number. Player can cancel traveling by entering 0 instead.

I have a demo showcasing it in action and the module (further below)
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Try adding further locations and then add the location property 'Location needs a ID' (leave integer value at 0) to them before adding it to the group 'Known Places'.

The module version (when you import the folder might not automatically open but should be in the folder list window in the dev. There should be 12 items in its folder)
There is a ReadMe system task with basic instructions in how to set it up, its very easy.
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I've had to winrar the module because i couldn't upload it otherwise.

I've tested out both demo and importing the module so should work with no problems. But do let me know if you have a problem or any questions.
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