2D Array Demo

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2D Array Demo

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I have been working on a method to figuring out distances between different space stations in a little project i am working on and turned once again to using fake 2d Arrays since Adrift can only handles 1D arrays and managed to succeed, this method is similar to saabie's method he helped me with my ascii map experiment.

So i thought to upload the demo if those who understand arrays might want to do this in their Adrift games.

What use is this? Think of those traveling distance charts in the back of the AA or road map books where you could look up two different cities and see the Km/Mi distance between them. So you have a Row and a Column that intersects on which cities you match up and gives you a value.

This would be also useful to calculate fuel, differences in combat values, products with price differences based on location, modifier for prices etc.
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