XYZZY 2012 Results

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XYZZY 2012 Results

Post by rotter »

The results are in for the XYZZY 2012 Awards
This year's winners:

Best Game: Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best Writing: howling dogs (Porpentine)
Best Story: howling dogs (Porpentine)
Best Setting: Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best Puzzles: Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best NPCs: Guilded Youth (Jim Munroe)
Best Individual Puzzle: Surviving the fall in Bigger Than You Think (Andrew Plotkin)
Best Individual NPC: New Rat City in rat chaos (J. Chastain)
Best Individual PC: Alexandra in Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best Implementation: Counterfeit Monkey (Emily Short)
Best Use of Innovation: First Draft of the Revolution (Emily Short (author), Liza Daly (co-coder), and Inkle Studios (co-coder))
Best Technological Development: Vorple for Inform 7
Best Supplemental Materials: Feelies for Muggle Studies
Anyone attend the ceremony? What do we think about the winners?

I didn't go as I never got my head around the venue.
David Whyld
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Re: XYZZY 2012 Results

Post by David Whyld »

I didn't attend the ceremony as I wasn't even aware it was on (I don't tend to follow the XYZZY's very carefully). As for the winners, the only game I've played is "Counterfeit Monkey", which was damn good, so I can't really fault the people who voted for it.
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