Verb-Noun Library released (two-word parser)

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Verb-Noun Library released (two-word parser)

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I have just released a two-word parser module (The Verb-Noun Library), inspired by the Adventuron competition "Text Adventure Literacy Jam"
( where the parser must not accept more than two words.

I cannot guarantee that there are no bugs, but if you encounter some, we can probably find a solution.

The module can be downloaded here:

If you are not used to working with libraries, please be aware that if a library is selected and you open a taf-file, the library in that taf-file can be overwritten by the selected library, which often will ruin the game if you click save. It is therefore recommended to have ALL(!) libraries disabled at all times, except during the few minutes it takes to create a brand-new taf-file with a chosen library.
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