Combi-Lib 4.2 Released

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Combi-Lib 4.2 Released

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EDIT: Release 4.3 has just been released. The announcement is here: viewtopic.php?f=3&p=110279#p110279
(therefore, the link to 4.2 below doesn't work)

Combi-Lib 4.2 has just been released. Except for a typo, there were practically no changes compared to the latest beta-version (Combi-Lib 4.2(beta3)).

The files can be found here:

As usual, please be careful if you apply the amf-file as a library, as it may ruin your existing games if you are not VERY careful [sorry, just the way ADRIFT works with libraries]. It is recommended to use the taf-file for new games instead and never recommended to update the library in an existing game. See the included readme.txt for more info.

Changes since version 4.1:
* A few typos fixed here and there.
* Added the restrictions that objects must be seen in the task "Remove before drop". This ensures that you cannot drop objects that are inside closed containers.

* Unticked "This task can be overridden by other task restriction failures" so it will be easier to apply multiple matching when needed. This affected the following tasks:
- Player Movement
- All tasks in "Nautical directions"

* Added a "find"-task
* "take before attacking with object"-task added.
* Object must be held directly when attacking with it.
* "take before wear objects"-task added.
* Wear objects now require directly held object.
* "take before unlock/lock"-tasks added when key is specified.
* unlock/lock lazy & not-lazy tasks now agree that key must be held directly
* Added "take before throw"-task
* Modify throw-tasks so thrown object must be held directly.
* "Show object to character" modified so object can be worn while showing it
* "Wave object" now requires that the object is held in hands, not inside a held object.
* New task picks up object before waving it.
* Remove before drop had a bug - now fixed.
* Changed all questions in task restrictions so they are not quetions. Thus, the player knows that questions can be answered (ambuigity questions, "take what?", etc)
*Fixed a "drop"-task so you cannot drop something which is inside a closed container.
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