5.0.32 out now

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5.0.32 out now

Post by Campbell »

Sorry, it is well overdue, but I have finally got the next release out. There are lots of bug fixes, and a few new enhancements. Full details can be found over on the News page.
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Re: 5.0.32 out now

Post by ElliotM »

Awesome! Checking it out now, thanks Campbell. :Thanks:
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Re: 5.0.32 out now

Post by P/o Prune »

Wow.. Great .. Thanks a lot, Campbell...
You didn't throw in a diaper by mistake now, did you? :blush:
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Re: 5.0.32 out now

Post by Lazzah »

Thanks Campbell,

The new "Return to default" setting for alternative message texts will be very useful.

:claps: :bravo: :yeah: :D
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