Klockwerk's WIPs

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Klockwerk's WIPs

Post by Klockwerk »

Here I am on the Adrift forum making a WIP thread in a completely voluntary manner. I want to make it clear I'm here because I want to be, I was NOT threatened in any way.

So my main game is called The Making of a Hero, you're a mysterious benefactor who chooses kids from orphanages and then makes decisions about their upbringing. You pay for classes and equipment and eventually they go out into the world to adventure.

The goal is to get through a particularly dangerous area and kill a lich there, but you'll probably have to go through multiple orphans to clear the way. Your character is immortal however and has time to wait for each new one to grow up.

There's a backstory to all this, but it's something you discover over time by playing.

I'm also planning a couple of small games that will tie in to a CYOA I'm writing called Galaxy of Torment. In this setting the remnants of humanity are in hiding in pockets across the stars, pursued by seven rogue AIs themed after the deadly sins.
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Re: Klockwerk's WIPs

Post by Lumin »

Welcome back, it's good to see your (completely voluntary) return.

I like the sound of the hero one. Have you started it yet or are you still in the planning phase?
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Re: Klockwerk's WIPs

Post by P/o Prune »

I like your sense of humor. I hope it's shown in your game.
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Re: Klockwerk's WIPs

Post by DazaKiwi »

Your game sounds interesting. Will the player be able to send the orphans to do easier quests to level them up so to speak? perhaps a team could be formed from the best of the best as it were, so that some characters might have strengths in other areas that would aid the team. Eg. heal, very strong, very smart etc.
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Re: Klockwerk's WIPs

Post by BattleoftheBased »

Galaxy of Torment would be a good name for a band.
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