A question about doors

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A question about doors

Post by P/o Prune »

Would it be ok to have different approaches regarding doors in a game, or should the author stick with one solution ?
I just discovered that in my next IFComp entry, I have different approaches to the handling of doors.

1: If the player unlocks a door, he automatically opens it and walks into the adjacent location.
2: If the player unlocks a door, he must open it, before being moved to the adjacent location
3: If the player unlocks a door, he must open it, and then enter the adjacent location manually (ie. >e/in/enter etc.)
4: If the player opens a door, he automatically walks into the adjacent location.
5: If the player open a door, he must manually walk into the adjacent location. (ie. >e/in/enter etc.)

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Re: A question about doors

Post by Denk »

There is one more approach, some IF players find important (I don't):
If you go in a direction of a door, the PC will automatically open the door before going there. Some games even automatically unlock the door first if that is needed (if you have the right key).

If the game contains lots of doors and each door is automatically closed each time you enter a room, I think the above method could be important.

I think your game should be consistent in how it handles doors, unless a door is special in some way. Otherwise, it can confuse the player.
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Re: A question about doors

Post by Lumin »

I'm with Denk, consistency is going to be the most important thing. Honestly, I'd just stick with #3 unless it's the situation he describes, it might get a bit tedious if there's a lot of rooms to enter, but the game will never do anything unexpected.
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Re: A question about doors

Post by NickyDude »

Definitely #3 - "The door is now unlocked." :)
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