Writing exercises?

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Writing exercises?

Post by Lumin »

Anyone remember the old weekly threads we used to do, back when the separate writing board was still a thing?

It was always stuff like suggestions for a room or scene with a few objects to be included. I used to have fun with those and would implement a lot of mine into tiny ADRIFT files afterwards, just because.

Just wondering if there'd be any interest in starting something like that up again if I made the prompt threads. Or we could take turns with them, even. I've become a big fan of 25 minute writing sprints and this seems like a good way to ease back into using ADRIFT besides.
David Whyld
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Re: Writing exercises?

Post by David Whyld »

I'd say go for it. The more discussion we have here, the better. At best, it sparks some debate; at worst, it can't do any harm.
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Re: Writing exercises?

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I'll go with David.. Good idea. :yeah:
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