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take / get / pull / untie

Post by P/o Prune »

I'm in doubt about how to handle this.
In my game it is essential that a (magic) rope is tied to an object. What command would be appropriate when retrieving the rope again?
The way to retrieve it is to >Pull rope, or >Untie rope. But how about using >Get or Take rope?
I feel that using >Get or Take would imply that the rope is lying on the ground and the player simply picks it up whereas >Pull / Untie indicates that the player has to "do something" in order to get the rope.

Thoughs? :|
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Re: take / get / pull / untie

Post by R2T1 »

If the rope is tied to an object, then untie would be fine. However, Take or Get would be equally OK provided you gave a non-deafult message saying - "You untie the rope before retrieving it." or something similar. This should clue the player that UNTIE may be an alternative in the future. But UNTIE ROPE should also add the rope to the player's inventory without the need to also use TAKE/GET ROPE.
PULL ROPE would be OK provided that there was a sufficient clue to indicate PULLING the rope would untie it too.

good luck.
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Re: take / get / pull / untie

Post by Denk »

I also think that it depends on whether you can reach the knot, or if you only can reach the loose end of the rope. If you can reach the knot, UNTIE should be fine. As R2T1 mentioned, GET should be fine too if you tell the player that he unties it before taking it. If you cannot reach the knot, then UNTIE should give a message such as "You cannot reach the knot" or something similar. If the player should have a chance of getting a tied rope without being able to reach the knot, I guess the rope should not really be tied, just wound a few times around e.g. a branch. In that case PULL and FLICK makes sense. If you require a word like FLICK, I would certainly have a VOCABULARY command, otherwise I doubt any players could guess that verb.

But since you mention that the rope is magical, I suppose it is sufficient to GET or PULL the rope - then the rope will help you.
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