Halloween jam

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Halloween jam

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Hey, just making you guys aware of a just for fun Halloween thing a friend is doing. There are people from Choose Your Story and Choice of Games working on projects, but it's open to any kind of interactive fiction and she asked me to link to it here. Things are pretty chaotic for me right now but I'd like to attempt a small Adrift game if I can just get some writing time set aside, as there's the potential for quite a few players without the pressure of a real contest.

We've got a brand new discord server set up for WIP for entrants as well as general horror fiction, movies, games, etc: The Haunted Spork. There's a bot that does writing prompts and generates short stories (and lots of other things) to play with too.

Any of you are welcome to drop by and hang out. I imagine there will be some Ectocomp people in there too once that goes live, which will hopefully lead to more parser IF discussion.
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