Beta tester needed: Anno 1700

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Beta tester needed: Anno 1700

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The time has come… (Some would probably say: Finally :wink: )
I’m currently writing a two piece game and the first “half” is done and ready for Beta testing.
The pieces can be played separately but they will intertwine in the final game. But rather than having to spend “ages” correcting the final edition I thought I’d have this first half tested while I work on the second part.
So if anyone feels up to it, I’d be happy if you’d Beta “Anno 1700”

Being a foreigner I would like a spell and grammar check (I’ve used a text editor, but apparently that’s no guarantee.)

Also round up the “usual suspects”:
Missing clues to puzzles.
Exits leading nowhere (or doesn’t work)
Dead ends.
Situations that makes the game unwinnable.
Just to mention a few and of course, plus whatever you can think off.
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