Reviews of some games from the ark

A forum where new and old games can be reviewed - an alternative to the reviews on the Adventures page of the main ADRIFT site. Also the place to ask for any assistance if you are stuck playing a particular game.
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Reviews of some games from the ark

Post by rotter »

Someone called MathBrush has been reviewing some older ADRIFT games over at -

My Mind's Mishmash by Robert Street

The Reluctant Resurrectee by David Whyld

Unauthorized Termination by Richard Otter

These games are from 11-12 years ago. Wonder what happened to Mr Street?
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Re: Reviews of some games from the ark

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I saw those reviews. He didn't exactly sing my game's praises but it's still nice when someone takes the time to review a game.

I haven't seen Robert Street (or Rafgon as he was known on the forum) in years. He was quite active here at one time but I guess he just decided to move on.
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