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Glum Fiddle by C. Henshaw

At heart, this is quite an amusing little tale about a young woman embarking on a quest to rescue her parents from a giant called Glum Fiddle, who seems to have abducted them for nothing more sinister than teaching him to read Shakespeare and play chess. Unfortunately, it’s hit by some pretty serious bugs – some strange, some downright bizarre. Examine the vines and I'm asked which vines I mean: the blackberry vines or the massive wrought-iron gate? Elsewhere, I was able to pass through a locked gate by typing GO WEST when W wouldn’t suffice. By far the worst error, and one no doubt caused by the GET command being overridden, came when I tried to pick up some mud and instead found myself taking a pigsty! (Actually, the pigsty never appeared in my inventory but it, along with every static item in the game, can be picked up. Ouch.) The get command override also allowed me to pick up the plank after Glum Fiddle had broken it and drop it over the chasm again.

A few other things arose which I was never really sure were bugs or not. I successfully found my parents and hid in some barrels from them from Glum Fiddle, who promptly fell into a chasm… and was never seen from again. No matter what I did after that, I couldn’t seem to find him again and there also didn’t appear to be any way of progressing the game. Armed with the walkthrough (one of the perks of organising the Comp), I was able to successfully finish the game, but lacking the walkthrough I'm not sure I would have managed it as a fair number of non-obvious commands were required.

All in all, there's a likeable charm to Glum Fiddle, but it’s also marred by too many bugs (not to mention numerous typos and grammar errors) for me to recommend it.

4 out of 10
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