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Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:06 am
by Lumin
I'm not sure if Ba'Roo! is Hensman's first game, or first full length game, or what, but either way it's a lot of fun, and doubly impressive if the above is true. There is a very old school vibe about it right from the start, and over the course of the adventure you will get to explore an expansive cave system, assemble a macguffin, say WTF at the plot a few times if you think about it too hard, and shoot an anachronism in the face. ( be honest I'm not sure if that last one's necessarily an integral part of the whole 80's thing but it was still a defining moment for me.)

Not to say that there weren't a few issues though, even if I did enjoy the game as a whole. I encountered a fairly major bug and an annoying decision by the author in the first room (being a jerk to the player may be a staple of retro IF but my love for that particular aspect of the genre only goes so far), and later had some GTV problems, as well as a poorly-clued puzzle that completely derailed me for awhile. (At one point you're told to find a suit, but not given any information whatsoever about where or how, and the otherwise fairly talkative NPC has nothing to say on the matter. After a fruitless search I finally became convinced I needed a key to access a certain area first, but that turned out to be misleading as well...)

I wouldn't consider any of those complaints to be actually game-breaking however, because in the end I still enjoyed the experience and was able to play through without assistance (though apparently I missed a few things, for instance the meaning of the title..), though after talking to a couple of other players it may be that I lucked out and had a smoother ride through than average. It turns out Ba'Roo! actually contains multiple paths (REAL multiple paths, not just multiple endings where you type undo a couple of times to see them all), which I thought was pretty ambitious. Whether the author got TOO ambitious at the expense of solid gameplay I can't say until I get a chance to personally check out the other paths, I think it's impressive in its own right that he made the attempt, and hopefully any bugs can be cleaned up in a post-comp release.