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A forum where new and old games can be reviewed - an alternative to the reviews on the Adventures page of the main ADRIFT site. Also the place to ask for any assistance if you are stuck playing a particular game.
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KFAdrift wrote:
Woodfish wrote:In the future, could you give some notice of when you're going to delete a review, so people could back it up if they want to post it somewhere else?

1. No, the deletion was due to the nature of the content, that would then have still been there.

2. I did make a copy of the print version of the thread, as I said somewhere else, just so that if there were questions it could be referred to.

And wouldn't it make sense to just put up a little notice saying 'contains sexual references' or something?

That would be fair enough if such references were allowed, but Campbell's rules specifically ban "sexually oriented" material. It is therefore my job as a moderator to apply those rules. This doesn't mean I don't look at adult material, I do as is my right, merely that on this site these are the rules.
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I found this ancient post about writing reviews:
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Just a quick request. When you have a review of a game already reviewed here, please add it to the same thread so that games only have one thread, this will make it easier to get the full story on a game.
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Re: Introduction to the forum

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Hello everyone....
am new here and this is my first post... i found this forum very interesting so i joined.... and i hope to enjoy my stay here :claps: ...
i love to play games and my favorite games are house of the dead, v-cops and need for speed.... :D any other game could anyone suggest then please...

Vivite Vibrance
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