Son Et Lumière - Cyberpunk Text Adventure

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Max McGee

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This is a shortish demo to an IF game that I wrote with ADRIFT v4.00. The purpose of this game was to (re)acquaint myself with ADRIFT and developing IF in general, effort that hopefully won't be wasted now that I have access to Version 5.

It is firmly in the (post)-cyberpunk genre and owes a lot, stylistically, to the Shadowrun tabletop RPG, and therefore, in turn, to the early fiction of William Gibson.

You play an anonymous deniable asset, a data thief on the down and out in the Hong Kong of 2076, whose wetware implants are about to be repossessed by his Triad creditors. The rest you can find out by playing. There is an in-game hint system that should keep you from getting stuck in the early parts of the game. An experienced IF player should be able to get through this in an hour or less; a little more for people new to the genre. There should be no way to get permanently stuck in an unwinnable state or to "lose" the game; anything that seems like either probably really isn't, and you should look closer. This is the beginning of the game and hence the easiest part.

The current download is both a demo and a beta, and may or may not ever be finished. This is not an unusual combination, where I come from. I can practically see the tumbleweeds in this forum (: P) but it'd be great if some people could give this a play and tell me what they think. It's not perfect, but I did what I could to strike some blows for mankind in the endless battle against the parser and I am fairly proud of the writing style.

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P.S. If there are one or more better places for me to be releasing this, let me know!

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