When to start adding reviews? - Post or pre voting?

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Post by MrToad »


just a quick quesion to find out when we can post reviews regarding the Summer Comp Games?

.........It seemed like a good idea at the time!!
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Hmm I don't know...
Maybe KF will answer that question, since he's the organizer.

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Post by KFAdrift »

As I allow discussion of games during the judging period I don't see any reason to rule against reviews (as long as they are not from authors)
3. Discussion of entries is allowed, but authors should not actively canvass for support.
* This does not stop you using beta testers.
* The author can provide help directly to players if they request it.
* You may create a website to support your game(s) with information and background. (This could be a blog)
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Post by Duncan_B »

Those posting reviews might also want to consider posting reviews on the Interactive Fiction Database (IFDB). The pages for the Summer Comp games are as follows (click name for link):

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Post by Lumin »

I was just planning to send my comments in with my votes. There's no way of knowing whether everyone has played yet, and even though I know early discussion is allowed in this case I prefer to avoid it...even without spoilers I find that reading another person's reaction to a game can color my own, and I don't want to wind up doing that to someone else. It's best to go into judging comps blind, IMO.
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