Off the Rails

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Off the Rails

Post by Duncan_B »

It's so interesting to explore again all these little creations that never quite made it. Lots of old, unused introductions and settings, and neatly personalized characters sit around looking perfectly as pretty (or not!) as the day they were written. Sometimes, you open up an old file and can't even figure out what it was supposed to be about. They become their own cryptic sort of puzzles, in a way. And then there are others that one plays again and thinks... "How come I never finished this one?"

I started playing The Hyperbola again, and at some point surprised myself with one of those "Ha! I actually implemented that?" moments. Still, other parts are sorely linear and underimplemented, a weird blend of gimmicks clever, stupid, and downright ridiculous. Part of me just wants to slap an ending on it, stick a fork in it, and call it done, but it's also set itself up for multiple endings... and the implementation still nags at me... and... but dang, it's fun to revisit.

What say I toss it up on the Games page? I think the old skool players here will appreciate the game's puzzly nature and find the lack of descriptions in some places not a problem rather than PUNISHABLE. It's sort of like Invasion of the Second Hand Shirts, but with a somewhat coherent storyline and being a fairly sizeable thing. Could be your cup of tea.

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Re: Off the Rails

Post by David Whyld »

I have oodles of half-finished games lying about my hard drive from my ADRIFT days, some just a few locations and a dozen or so tasks, others way, way too large to have been abandoned the way I did. Actually, the biggest game I've ever written is still lying there unfinished. Months of work put into it and one day I realised it was getting way out of hand, pushed it one side intending to finish it off at some point, and have barely touched it since. I think in the back of my mind I know it's unlikely to get finished now, but part of me hopes that one day I'll get around to it.
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