What is the avarage size of an IF

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What is the avarage size of an IF

Post by Eminor »

Included all media that is :|

I know that there aren't any heavy assets... But when making a game I'm used to keeping track of its "entropy", and by checking the project size I can pinpoint performance eaters not only like the obvious texture size / atlas / compression, poly and mesh count etc. but also from messy coding.

So, I was wondering if there are some averages I should be on the lookout making an IF. :Thanks:
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Re: What is the avarage size of an IF

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Hi Eminor.
First of all, welcome to the world of Adrift, and oour little corner of the IF universe. I hope you enjoy your stay, and please, please... if you get into problems with the V.5 don't give up. Ask in the forum. There are people there that would want to help you, even if they are just lurking around at the moment.

As for the average size of a game? Oh, God! couldn't you ask something simple, like explaining Einsteins' relativity theory in five easy lessons? rofl
I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's no average (as I know of) it all depends what you're planning. A game with pictures and sound it bound to be a lot bigger than just a plain text adventure.
I can't remember exactly, but I think that Ghost Town was around 30Mb with pictures and all.

I'll give you the same piece of advice I give every newcomer. Start small. Don't jump into the mammoth game right away, even if you've got the idea for a life time. It won't work, trust me on this one.
Try your way around the V.5 and see where it leads you.
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Re: What is the avarage size of an IF

Post by David Whyld »

The average size of a piece of IF is about the same as the length of a piece of string. Give or take. And adjusting for inflation. But knock a fifth off that for market value decreases. Then double the result.
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Re: What is the avarage size of an IF

Post by Lumin »

Eminor, the average size is usually extremely negligible--it's all just text, after all.

Of course If you're making extensive use of sound and pictures then you're not making an 'average' game at all and that all goes completely out the window. Any coding and such, no matter how messy, will likely have almost zero impact on the file size compared to whatever media you've added.
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Re: What is the avarage size of an IF

Post by Eminor »

Thanks a lot guys,

I am very pleased to see you all so kindly warm, and thanks for the welcome. I feel bad not introducing myself but I didn't see a section for it so I just skipped that part, but I'll make up for it at the end of this post :)

I have chosen adrift as my first ever IF program through an extensive research last week. I was so lucky! It's so easy to use! Intuitive and with a very, very, very soft learning curve. I was and am so very pleased with it that I have slept only one night since and have spent every single second working with it. I did have encountered one restriction and one problem, but hey, I worked around the restriction by changing the gameplay conception for my game and I hope to find a solution for my latest problem with variables to implement the new one.

I absolutely second the motion on "start small, end big", the projects of your dream just never end if you don't have a solid base first, so I went soft on this game I'm working on, It'll be quite short, but the story itself is quite lengthy. I had written a short hard science novel and a few parts of it I still have in word files so I didn't rally have to think about that too much. I started the game this weekend, I am now at one third of it, but the more time consuming part is almost done as I have placed almost all the available test already ingame and one of the two long parts which are at the beginning is done. More precisely I have finished a part where you are given a number of multiple choices, the outcome of which changes the way the story goes. Though you never can die, you can make "less right" choices, note that there isn't a "wrong" choice, but the are choices that can make the game harder, easyer, change a few details of the story, give you more or less points make, give or take away the opportunity to experience some different gameplay areas, etc. WELL IN BRIEF THAT PART IS DONE AT LEAST xD.

Now for another long one, I have to do this parallel gameplay thing, but since I don't have a timer I can display to the player then I need probabilities, but I cannot get those working atm because variables are bugging out and I need to find a way around it, it's just that my brain is begging for rest but even if I detach myself from the pc I keep thinking about what I need to do, how I need to do it and I keep coming up with new ideas to implement. Though I am not at the peak of my brain power atm xD.

I have been very generic on purpose while talking about my game so I don't ruin the surprise, though I tell, hope you like sci fi novels, becaus ethere is A LOT to read xD.

Now, let me introduce myslef,
my name is Mattia Romagnoli, Italian origins, lived the last half of my life in England, London, I came back to Italy a year ago to be with my girlfriend, though I absolutely hate italy, is a country of rotting society , politics, and future dreams. Living here is hell as every person around you only want's to manipulate you in order to exploit you to the bone even it it literally would mean your death especially if they are business owners, and the ones who are employees try to shove you to the floor to feel like they have something worth living. I hope to go back abroad soon, but I cannot leave my girlfriend as I love her very much and she is stuck here to finish university. I'm 30, btw xD.

Though here in Italy I'm nothing but the lowest rank possible worker or unemployed, generally I am a restaurant/coffee shop manager for a living and a translator, 3D & 2D still, animation and game designer for a life.


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQlo1L ... tXhhVoXZuw


It's a pleasure to meet you all :)
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