A personal request for compiling adrift

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A personal request for compiling adrift

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Hello, I'm new here and very interested in Adrift and the source code. I am not a professional programmer and far from expert even. I tried to compile Adrift and got hundreds of errors. I did put an attempt into fixing some of the errors, but it's beyond me I'm afraid. I did realize that by importing the project it was done with a different version of Visual Studio, so I stopped trying to fix the problem. As I said, too difficult.

I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to compile the project using Visual Studio 2017 Community edition. This is the only version of VS that I am using at this time. I don't need and ask for binaries. I only need a successfully compiled project that I can then load and compile myself. It would be immense help for me to be able to start looking at how this project is put together. Unfortunately at this time with my skills, I'm not sure I would be able to contribute back, but if I notice anything or have comments I will of course post them here.
So if anyone has successfully compiled the project with the said version and has no problem sharing it, thanks.

btw - awesome project.
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