P/o Prune's current projects.

Here you can share your "work in progress" with your fellow Drifters.
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P/o Prune's current projects.

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Oct 31st.
English version currently in beta mode. Danish version in development.
This is going to be my entry for the Parser Comp. 2022
For details see Oct. 31st in W.I.P.

In development.
This has been in development for a longer time than I care to remember.
I'm not sure how well this will be received when it is finally released. There are lots of sudden death situations and in some places it I have randomized whether the player lives or dies. If you remember the demo I posted several years you'll have a pretty good idea what it's all about. You take the role of one of the many allied soldiers heading for the Omaha beach June 6 1944. Getting to the beach and away from it is just the first of your problems.

Anno 1700
Danish version in development.

Ghost town
Updated version (Adrift 4 to V.5) and Danish version in development.

Skatten på Jægerspris slot (The Treasure in Jægerspris castle)
Written in Danish. In development.
This is written in a feeble attempt to show my grandson that there are other things to do than Playstation :wink:
The castle is in dire financial trouble and is almost on the brink of closing down.
Rumors has it that, somewhere in the castle, a huge treasure is hidden. You will have to explore the castle and find the treasure.

We'll meet again
In development.
Your grandfather was one of Churchill's few. As a relative you are invited to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Britain at one of the well known "waterholes" in London where the young pilots often came to drink and dance.

In development.
Covering the evacuation from Dunkirk you have to "leave" your Spitfire quite abruptly. You will now have to find your way to Dunkirk and get on board a ship to return to England.

Frihedskæmper (Freedom fighter)
Written in Danish. In development.
This is written over an actual event happening in the town where I live during the war. (with a few authors liberties :wink: )
Walking in the nearby forest early one morning, you find a British agent who has parachuted down during the night. Having sustained serious injuries upon landing and thus not able to carry out his mission. It is you who must take it upon yourself to complete his mission.
D-Day in progress 86Kb (Slowly drifting)
October 31st: 135Kb (My entry for the parser Comp 2022 :wink: )
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