TeamComp - ideas, anyone?

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Duncan_B asked if there was a thread for ideas about the team competition I briefly wrote about after the OddComp results. Here's what I wrote there:
alsnpk wrote:I have a different idea for a competition, though, that I got while writing my games for this one. I think I'd prefer trying this over a second version of the Odd Comp... I wonder how many people would be interested in it, enough to create even-numbered teams? That's what it would rest on.

It would involve each team member having specific tasks of what to do without consulting with teammates on what to do (I mean, they could ask for help on HOW, but not WHAT) then one team member tying all the pieces together into a game (or maybe each taking a part of that, too... I haven't decided what would be best)...

It'd be very interesting to try, and less time-consuming because each person would not be creating an entire game... But I think it'd need four people per team at the very least, and at least three teams, or it wouldn't be much of a competition.

That's a very vague description, isn't it. Well, feel free to discuss/post your ideas about a Team Competition in this thread!
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A nice idea, but I think everyone writes their coding a little different, so it would be easy for a compiled game to get rather messy without proper communication in the team.
I get the idea - there have been a few series of books written by multiple authors, where they take turns writing chapters.
The story still reaches its ultimate goal, but with alternating articulate styles.
It works for some, yet fails miserably for others.
You would want careful selection of the teams for that reason, and I think that might put some people off.
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